Manchester United may have won the League but the season is far from over


Manchester United may have won the League but the season is far from over.


With a 15 point lead at the top it would be almost impossible for Manchester United to not win the league now, after Manchester City dropped points against Everton at Goodison Park. It’s been an exciting season so far, no as exciting as 2011/2012 but there have certainly been a lot of incidents but it’s fair to say the race for a new Champion has been decided a while ago and it’s a no-brainer now.


However, we have a lot to look forward to –


Challenge for the PFA Player of the Year


Relating to my previous article on who I think it should be there is still plenty of time for the likes of Luis Suarez, Robin van Persie, Gareth Bale and Michu to stake their claim as to why they should deserve it.


Road to Europe


European football in recent times has been paramount for the club; more so for financial gain than anything else and there are becoming more and more clubs vying for those spots near the top. Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool (more 5th than 4th) are all in the running for it, more games for the fans to see, being on TV more, and money for the club and a chance for silverware. So this is a definite highlight of what’s left in the season.


The Relegation Dogfight


Happens every season where there is a right scrap at the bottom, but this season is particularly exciting as most clubs are the bottom have similar points at the moment and even the team rock bottom (Reading) has a decent shot to get out. QPR have been all but doomed up until fairly recently and a lot of other clubs at the bottom might have felt safe but Wigan, QPR and Villa getting some wins recently it really is a bit of a dogfight. Premier League status is a huge thing to have and come end of the season any club fighting for survival is a team you don’t really want to play against.

The FA Cup


Not much needed to be said here, many people say the FA are belittling their own cup but I for one still really enjoy the occasional, especially the big Wembley final. There will be an underdog in the final this year, so I hope they can win it and show how much it means to a smaller club.


Clearly, loads of things still to come in this season.



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