What would I like to see from Coutinho? (video)


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He has put in a few good performances a couple of goals and has been compared to the likes of Messi in the press but with the team we have what would we like to see from him?

It does look like a bit of a coup at the moment getting him from Inter Milan for a fairly cheap price, considering his age and the performances so far.

With the acquisition of Sturridge and Suarez being the player he is a proper skilful and creative attacking midfield would be invaluable at the moment to link up with them, put a few crosses in and take some defenders on. A bit like Gerrard in the Torres days but with a bit more flair and less tracking back.

Sturridge and Suarez are both quick so a player who has an eye for a through ball would be great, and if he can grab a few goals along the way all the better. Coutinho doesn’t seem to mind getting amongst it in the opposing half so far and there have been a couple of key passes player that were superb, hopefully he can keep that up.

This is the kind of player I would like to see him become, more of a classic attacking midfielder that give ammo to the strikers. We’ve not had two strikers in a while so they definitely need support up there.

He certainly looks like he’s shaping up to be that type of player in the performances we’ve seen, and he’s pretty good on FIFA so it’s looking decent!


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