What I would like to see in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the Phantom Pain


The Ground Zeroes trailer has been and gone, but what would I like to see from the two games to come?

Ground Zeroes

I’m hoping this will be the prequel that shows the final, final, final straw between him and Major Zero and the founding of Outer Heaven proper as well as Solid Snake’s very early age beginnings. I can already graphically it will be brilliant and I’m sure gameplay wise will be the same but plot wise (the main reason I like MGS) I hope this will start to bridge the gap between MGS3, PO, PW and MG1 because that’s all that’s left from a complete story beginning to end. The disfigured man, who knows? I think he’ll be a new character that will still manage to integrate with the main plot line. The boy in the cage? Logically, it’s Chico…but I hope it’s Solid Snake, Liquid or even Solidus. It would be cool to see the real beginnings of the whole thing, and even cooler if it was Solid Snake and Big Boss really doesn’t know who he is at the time.

The Phantom Pain

Now TPP is what Ground Zeroes is a prequel for and I REALLY hope it’s a reboot/remake of MG1 and possibly MG2, again like the point i made in Ground Zeroes it’s all that’s left to create the link between the chronology of the MGS series and finally put it to bed, something that Kojima always goes on and on about.

The trailer doesn’t point towards this, however. Just saying what I would like to see from the project. It also looks to me like it’s a dream sequence to show the engine rather than what the game will be. Solid Snake DID suffer a lot of bad dreams after MG1, just saying.


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