Wales and a major football competition – Will it ever happen? (video)


First of all, I am a proud welsh from Anglesey, north Wales. Wales is my country and football is my sport. I am happy when Wales competes in rugby and is successful, of course I am, but how they do in football matters more to me. I am not one of those people that come out once a year during rugby and all of a sudden have a moment where they are proud to be Welsh, but when Wales play football in a game of great importance they are nowhere to be seen, in fact they stop with all the nationalist rubbish once the 6 nations is over, that’s not me. Wales is my country and football is my sport.

Will we every qualify for the Euros or the World Cup? Absolutely, yes! Our team is getting stronger and stronger all the time and more and more stars are coming out from Wales and playing top tier football, sooner or later we will have a good enough team to do it. A few years it wasn’t even a question that if we can qualify or not, it was just not going to happen.

It would be mean everything to me just for having them qualify and seeing our boys up against the best nations in the world, making us all proud. It would be as if we’d won the competition in all honesty. I think the Welsh team through the years have really deserved this, but more so for those travelling fans that watch them every campaign win or lose. We’ve had some memorable wins in recent years, particularly the Italy scalp, so we know we are capable, we just need to do that more often and before you know it we’ll be in the next Euros or World Cup without a doubt.

I just wish more fans would watch the football and support instead of just the rugby just because we have more success or because of the rivalry with our home nations, the Welsh football team are out there busting a gut and trying to get into the major competitions. I bet your bottom dollar those once a year hardcore welsh fans would THEN suddenly support the welsh team!


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