My top 5 things that annoy me on twitter (video)


Have you ever read a tweet and thought to yourself “oh, fuck off” or “shut up!”? I’m sure we all have, so these are the top 5 of the tweets that really annoy me!




 Not only is the just had a burger a bit pointless and irrelevant anyway, what is up with those hashtags? Hashtags are used to sort of link tweets together if they are about a common subject so if you were talking about a burger, just use #burger. All those hashtags have no purpose except to annoy those who use Twitter properly.

And when these hashtags spill on to Facebook, that’s when it gets out of hand.

#4 –  Complaining about tweets


Your news feed is built up of the people you’ve chosen to follow, so to complain about someone who it was your decision to follow in the first place is a bit silly. Just unfollow them.

#3 – Vaguetweets


You know the type. “Fuck fake friends, stirring shit if you have something to say, say it to my face” etc. We’ve all seen it. It’s begging for people to comment asking “Who?”. The person you’re on about probably knows who it but no one else does, and then you don’t say anything more after that anyway! Utterly pointless, plus is hypocritical – why didn’t YOU say THAT to their face?


And then….


“I’ll inbox you”

You might as well just say their name.

#2 – We can see your tweets!


For those people who may not know their tweets are public and they’re talking about things that are a little bit dodgy or inappropriate and you can see from what they’ve said – they really shouldn’t be doing it. Do they realise that it’s a public website?


#1 – Hi guys! New on twitter lol don’t know what I’m doing lol!



It’s not that I have against people using Twitter for the first time, it’s just that I have a problem with people treating it like a foreign country and they need to get to grips with the culture or that they need to “take a break” from twitter and making it out to be something bigger than it actually is. It’s a social networking site for sharing opinions and so on. It really isn’t a different planet.



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