Don’t panic! Reading 0 – Liverpool 0



Yes it was a poor result, bit of a drag to watch a second 0-0 in a row and put us even further from Europe but there’s no reason to go mad and start drawing up your Brendan out banners.


If you read my previous blog about not having a plan B then this article won’t be anything new revelation for you. It happened again and that was it.


Their keeper played a blinder and we were out of imagination up front again, and were unable to stop and think “this isn’t working, lets try something else”.


But there’s no reason to panic, transition phase and all that but you can see the progress we’re making and progress we’re trying to make, and definitely in better shape than what we were.


We just need to start becoming more consistent both with our starting line-ups and tactics. We’ve made a lot of signings and they are both finding their feet personally and with the players around them, they’ll become good in time, I know it.


It would also help if the players try different approaches to suit brick walls like West Ham and Reading, maybe that’s Rodgers job or maybe it’s the team or possibly the captain. Either way, we need more someone to be able to take the game by the scruff of the neck.


To conclude, let’s not panic. Things could be better (and worse) but they’re all fine.



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