Letting us down…again. Can Liverpool keep defending Suarez?


In short, no. For me, Luis Suarez latest incident is one too many and has yet again put the club in an impossible situation, how can you possible explain any type of innocence in this? It was a clear moment of madness, but most will kick out, mouth off or a cynical foul but to bite someone…never. And he’s done it before, which really makes us look silly. We took a gamble on this magically skilled player, but the club has to come first always.

Kenny Dalglish famously defended him and possibly lost his job due to this, Liverpool’s image to other clubs and fans took a beating and we still defended him, there has to be a point where we have to accept that Suarez is very damaging to the club and outweighs how good he is, sadly.

It is an utterly shocking event that will probably cost him the rest of the season, the player of the year award, the faith the fans have in him and possibly his place in the squad. He deserves whatever punishment comes his way, how he will respond to it I don’t know, but can we ever trust him to behave when this has happened more than once? I don’t know.




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