Barcelona are boring


Barcelona are boring.


I’m not disputing that they are a great team who have achieved great things, rather than the fact is is all really boring and annoying to watch now.


They aren’t the most entertaining team to watch, they don’t try daring things and prefer to pass, pass, pass and pass to Messi if possible. It is very old and of late Barcelona have been sussed out. By Chelsea, by Milan and recently PSG. Take Barcelona head on and you have a chance. Bayern Munich have just shown that after dismantling Barcelona 4-0.


Just to reiterate, I am not saying I think Barcelona are crap or lucky, they are very skill full and talented, I just feel like it hampers the enjoyment of watching a game with their style or lack thereof, sort of like the opposite of Stoke City.


Also, Barcelona’s shameless harassment of the referee after every incident is really unprofessional and annoying, and referees tend to crumble as well. Barcelona is UEFA’s pet and you can see it, they can do no wrong.


Who are the most exciting to watch? Barcelona or Real Madrid? I’d always choose Real Madrid. They may not be as successful as their Spanish counterparts in recent times but much more entertaining to watch, this is the point of this article.


My point is Barcelona have run their course and have been sussed out, their passing game was a revolution but as with other footballing revolutions (Ajax, Liverpool, Madrid, Milan, Manchester United (60’s)) everything comes to an end, and I think Barcelona’s is near.


Anyway, I am bored of Barcelona. Bring back some entertainment.


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