Luis Suarez saga and Arsenal, is it the ultimate betrayal? (Video + Poll)


Not posted anything for a while and thought now is a as good time as ever.

As the title suggests, yes. It is. After all Liverpool have done for Suarez it is a major insult for his wantaway attitude. Suarez has always moaned about the british press and wants to get away, fine, that makes sense; when he was linked with Real Madrid most people thought that made perfect sense. Being South American he would fit in Spain and adapt quickly and get his Champion’s League desire, but going to Arsenal would hardly get him away from the British Press.

If it was Real Madrid bidding £40,000,001 I wouldn’t have been too pissed off and I would accept it if i was manager, but not a domestic rival team.

Sure, Arsenal have a better chance at the CL, but look at the signings we’ve made this season and touch wood we will get Costa as well, now that is a proper top-4 challenging side.

This new Suarez saga has really pissed me off, I can’t believe he is trying to get away to rival team after everything we’ve done for him and his antics. Take a look at previous posts about them!

I’m fairly confident he will be playing for us next season as we push for fourth spot, however Suarez, I believe, will be gone summer after that, if not even the winter transfer window.

Ronnie, YNWA


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