eGo-C Electronic Cigarette Review


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Having started off using Nicolites Electric Cigarette I found the battery to not last a working day and occasionally the cartridge had a burning taste and in some cases was devoid of nicotine at all which led me to have nothing at work and I succumbed to a real cigarette.

People at work were using a eGo-C cigarette and I researched it and got myself one from eBay. A battery, tank and a charger for £8.99 and got Totally Wicked’s e-liquid at £4.99 for 10ml about a weeks worth. However, this review is just about the e-cigarette rather than the juice.

At first I had a 650mAh battery which was fairly similar to Nicolites life, maybe a bit more. Perfect for a working day but it would be flat as a flute about an hour or two after but by then I had access to a charger and a spare. However, the battery’s for eGo-C’s has a button that needs to be pushed for use and can be turned off and on with 5 presses which extends the charge quite a bit, this was something that pushed me towards it as running out of charge is a disaster for someone still addicted to nicotine but not smoking or trying to quit.

I now use 1100mAh large battery’s, they make the whole cigarette much larger but the battery lasts more than a whole day, even non working days and with a spare has not let me down once, yet. Not as much as the VPro, but enough for me.

Secondly, the eGo-C uses a refillable tank system that holds 1.6ml and enough for a day of work but does fall short of a non working day if you use it a lot and as you can get many flavours of e-liquid you may tend to use it a lot. The atomizer uses a wick feature that goes up to the heater and then…vapour and the nicotine.

One of the better features is being able to see how much juice you have left, something Nicolites didn’t help with.

At first I used non branded ones for £2.50 each from EBay, but they would often break after a week and need to be replaced. So currently I’m using Totally Wicked’s branded ones for £5.99 and produce a lot more vapour and flavour, but consume a lot more juice. But overall, much better.

Overall, the eGo-C is a much more superior e-cigarette and cheaper. Sometimes always needed to go back and forth for juice is annoying but if you bulk buy is not a problem at all.



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