Fantasy Football Gameweek 1 Selection


So the Premier League finally kicks off again tomorrow for the 13/14 season and with it comes the fantasy football league. I’ve been playing with the official fantasy site for about 4-5 years now and it always adds a nice bit of distraction to the weekly games.

Choosing the first 11 and 4 subs is always a brain teaser as it always comes down to last seasons form and new transfers. Below, I’ve put down my gameweek 1 team and the reasoning behind them.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 20.04.42


  • Goal – Petr Cech

Plays twice in the gameweek and Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side in the past were a defensive masterclass and I’m not expecting anything less this season. It was a split with Mignolet for a bit but a solid choice I think.

  • Goal 2 – Shay Given

Minimum price and I’m not expecting to use him, but if he did seems like a good choice.


  • Defender 1 – David Luiz

Same as Cech in terms of defense but Luiz is not goal shy and is a regular free kick taker. One of the best defenders of last season and should be another good season for him.

  • Defender 2 – Jonny Evans

Picked more for price and team. Scores now and again but United don’t concede all that often.

  • Defender 3 – Per Mertesacker

A massive German machine, one of my favourites of last season. Fairly ok price and defensive record but his goals make up the rest of the package.

  • Defender 4 – Gareth McAuley

West Brom’s defence isn’t the best but his goals are very good for a defender, if last season goes by anything, also a decent price.

  • Defender 5 – Ryan Bennett

Plays quite often and minimum price, a good sub last season for me.






  • Midfielder 1 – Frank Lampard

Chelsea stalwart. Excellent scoring record, penalty/freekick record and at 8.0 is a snip for a midfielder from the top 4. I was after Hazard/Mata but the cost was too high for me to get the other players I wanted, but very happy with this pick. CAPTAIN.

  • Midfielder 2 – Wayne Routledge

Not the greatest midfielder in the league but is a regular for Swansea and pipes up with an assist or a goal here and there, picked mostly for the price.

  • Midfielder 3 – Philippe Coutinho

One half logic one half being a Liverpool fan. From what I’ve seen he can score and assist on a regular basis. Could be one of the players of the season and I’ve picked him for that reason.

  • Midfielder 4 – Shinji Kagawa

I always thought this guy didn’t play enough for United and there was more of him to offer if given the chance. I could be wrong but I think this season could be a good one for him. Creative player with an eye for goal.

  • Midfielder 5 – Fabian Delph

Should be play regularly and should be a dependable sub, plus, the boy can score. Minimum price makes it a bit better.



  • Striker 1 – Robin van Persie

Last season, bar Bale and Suarez, was the ultimate player to have. I can’t see this season being any difference. Two goals in the community shield cemented his place.

  • Striker 2 – Daniel Sturridge

I looked at what he did for the later part of last season and I’m predicting it again this season. With Suarez out for 6 games I can see Studge coming out of the traps early this season. Starting with Stoke.

  • Striker 3 – Velios


Well that’s my opening team. Pretty pleased with it after all my tweaking, but time will tell if it’s good!




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