VPro Electronic Cigarette Review Part 1 Unboxing and Initial Thoughts


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Having just received this Vpro model VP8011 prototype from Raul at Really Ecigarette I went ahead and did an unboxing and recorded my initial reaction. I have used and reviewed and used cigarettes before with Nicolites and the eGo and was more than happy to help.

The first thing that struck me was the size of the battery, compared to the others on the market it is huge as is the atomizer capacity at 3.5ml. I got the feeling this was the point of it, however: to be used over a long period of time with minimal recharges and fill ups. The battery is 2200mAh- twice the size of my eGo battery and the tank holds double the juice.


The best features of the VPro is the ability to use the LED screen as information. By pressing the button 3 times in 2 seconds you can –

  1. Increase Voltage

    2200mAh Battery Unit
    2200mAh Battery Unit
  2. Standby On/Off
  3. Check Battery Charge
  4. Check Atomizer Ohms
  5. Turn LED On/Off
  6. Power up

The atomiser that comes with it is a monster that holds 3.5ml and more than double the usual atomisers but on first try the taste was ok with my totally wicked blueberry 1.8mg juice. The only way I can describe the initial taste was gluey- the taste has improved after some time so it could quite easily be a case that it just needed to be used a bit before the flavour can really sink into the wick.


My first thoughts on it’s usage was that it was far too big, obvious, clunky and…suspicious to be used in the public. For the purposes of the review I will give it a fair trial and use it like I would my regular eCigarette. However, I would imagine this would be used for long distance journeys, long time away from chargers or as a backup. With a battery this large it would take a while to make it run out and the juice tank wouldn’t need to be topped up for days. This I like.

So far I like it, with only the size to be a problem. Really have made a real effort with this LED and I welcome it and hope other manufacturers follow suit whilst making the size a bit more ergonomical.

I am now going to use a full charge of the VPro to test how it holds up with normal and regular use and follow this up with part 2 of the review to shape the full picture of how this one works.

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