David Moyes – my first impressions as United Manager

_67490240_165110124With the big game coming tonight the attention is really on both gaffers, but mostly David Moyes in my opinion.

So far this season the signings have been lackluster and really haven’t added anything to their squad – fair enough they cruised last season but all their rivals have bolstered massively particularly City, Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool. United weren’t the strongest side in their first game and their scoreline did flatter them a bit and they really looked on the ropes before RVP carried them the rest of the way.

Also, Moyes’s comment on Rooney being second best was one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard! Rooney is a hero over there and is still a world class player – why on earth would you say that to one of your star players? I’ll tell you why, Moyes still can’t get over Rooney leaving and wants some petty revenge, at least that’s what I think. Or that Moyes doesn’t know how to handle big players.

Mourinho really put him in his place by saying Moyes unsettled Rooney, not him. Because let’s face it, it’s true.

Moyes has also really disrespected Everton with that bid, he went on and on about losing players when he was at Goodison and now he is doing the same thing, and then gives a paltry bid for world class players. If he feels they are that good, bid more.

I have never been a fan of Moyes at Everton, to me, he may have done this or that with this or that budget but he didn’t win a single trophy. Other managers with lesser teams, lesser budgets and in lesser leagues have won more, and that’s how I gauge success. 11 years and he’s won nothing! How long did he need?!

So far I think he has been awful, completely out of his depth and a little bit cynical, but all of these things aren’t quite footballing issues, we will see tonight how good his football mind works and if he can out fox the Special one followed by a tough game at double-rivals Liverpool




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