4 Games 10 Points and top of the league! Are we title contenders?

Daniel Sturridge and Brendan Rodgers win Player and Manager of the Month for August
Daniel Sturridge and Brendan Rodgers win Player and Manager of the Month for August

A lot of people, mostly non-LFC fans have started jumping the gun a bit with Liverpool’s brilliant start to the Premier League campaign, as highlighted by Pro-Man United tabloid the daily mail in their recent article on the subject. Read that here.

Looking back at the performance there were quite a few instances we were quite lucky to come away with a win, namely the Aston Villa game and the United game, the recent draw against Swansea was a nail biter as well; at first looking like a win, then a draw and finally lucky to not lose. So I feel like I’m being realistic here, we have got the points and we are top of the league but it hasn’t been too convincing, really.

4 games is nowhere near enough to make a judgement, we have only played on of the “top clubs” so far so it’s impossible to say.

However, the signs are still there – we have won games being sub par, we have had a draw when perhaps we should have lost and we do have Luis Suarez to come back which is massive and almost like a new signing he has been missing for so long.

The other teams around us have had a slightly poorer start to us but for me have a better squad all round Chelsea, City and Spurs to be more precise (I am not convinced United will get a top 4, and that’s my honest opinion) – and I think their depth will stand the test as the season progresses. Although I am very happy with Liverpool’s starting 11 I do worry a bit about the quality on the bench: it’s decent but it’s not a top 4 bench, and definitely not a title-winning bench.

So, just to reiterate – I am over the moon with the start Liverpool have made but I am very skeptical about a title challenge this year. I believe we are maybe 1 or 2 seasons away from that. However, I am expecting a serious top 4 challenge and expect us to make that from what I’ve seen, but you can never quite tell in the Premier League.




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