VPro Electronic Cigarette review – Part 2


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I’ve had the VPro cigarette now for about a month – and I find it to be a decent addition to the ever-growing electronic cigarette family, but it definitely has its flaws that need to be addressed.

The positives

I’ll start the review with what it does well. The battery is monstrous and the charge goes on and on, it still has some charge left now! This massive plus point will definitely be taken advantage by those who are away from charing points for long periods of time. This could be – over time workers, long distance truck drivers, people who commute long distances, people on camping trips you get the point. If you give it a full charge, it won’t let you down like the Nicolites or eGo types might.

The tank atomizer also has a monstrous capacity with 3.5ml of juice that can be stored at any time – compared with the 1.6ml the eGo totally wicked and standard variants has. This means less top ups and less need to carry the 10ml bottles you have with you. A real time saver. The flavour of the atomiser as well is not bad, as discussed in part 1. 

The size of the thing is also an advantage at time, as you really can’t lose this easy it is about the same size as the eVic or Zmax who have products in the same category. The Zmax looks so similar that it has to be the same product with a different word on it.

Although big, it’s weight isn’t so much a problem – it does fit in pockets fully and doesn’t interfere with walking, but it does interfere with driving but if you were driving it wouldn’t be in the pocket anyway!

The digital display on it has some cool features, not all of them work well as I will discuss later, but you can increase the voltage which can save you battery life, other than that the other displays haven’t been of any use.

The VPro also doubles as a power bank which is incredible, you can charge something that links with usb and take its battery. – this feature can be the game changer for people after something a bit different, a bit special in their electronic cigarette. MP3 player, mobile phone whatever device you need charging this can do it. Imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere, car’s broken down and your phones dead – plug in the VPro and you can get yourself right out of that hole.

The negatives

I have to start this part with its size, for my personal use it is simply too big. I don’t need that much charge and I really wouldn’t take an eyesore like this out in the public. I like my e-cig to be robust but discreet and the VPro only really ticks one of these boxes, however as the previous statement on the size mentions – this isn’t something you’d use in the same as “regular” ones.

The digital display doesn’t really work other than increase the voltage. When i click on “check battery” all it does is tell me what the voltage is set on which the “check voltage” does already. I was looking forward to it telling me a percentage value or something, but sadly it doesn’t. For me, nothing would really change if the display was taken out entirely.

While charging, the VPro doesn’t really flash or anything to let me know what it’s doing, it just sits there so I don’t know if it’s charing at all. Sometimes it flashes white, sometimes it flashes red and sometimes nothing – it’s very fiddly, a small movement will make it stop charging at all. If you have a dodgy pair of earphones or a loose cable on an old gameboy then you’ll know what I mean here.

There is an error message “F2” that comes up on the occasional puff. It means there’s an error on the device, but take another puff and it won’t be there. There wasn’t a change between the puffs at all but what does it mean? Why does it come up sometimes? This is very frustrating and looks more like an error rather than a genuine fault…I think.

More on this note is that it does say in the manual what the error message means but it doesn’t tell you what to do next with it. I could have asked the people from Really what to do next or whatever but I wanted to be more like a real customer and try to figure it out.


Overall, the VPro is a robust, strong and functioning (most of the time) electronic cigarette for a niche market for the previously mentioned people, for everyday casual use I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re happy to get some dirty looks as it does look strange. 

There are plenty of areas really need to look at to improve, the main one being the digital display as the eVic variant from Joyetech seem to have nailed it already with their display as well as the size and the metal-ness of the nozzle.

Still, it is all in all a decent e-cigarette and any variant that helps people to stop smoking is great in my book.

Thank you for reading,




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