How to get the best economy from your car

How to get the best economy from your car

Everyone is always concerned about the recession, increased fuel prices and so on but when it comes to driving and your car, what can you do to reduce some of the costs – this is especially important with winter coming and longer journeys are expected.

Make it lighter

We all carry a bit of unnecessary weight in our car, but if you were to take everything out that you don’t need you would be surprised with how much fuel you can save. You may not notice it day by day but over weeks and month it would show on your petrol station statements. This rule also applies to “extras” on the car as well – roof and bike racks as an example.

Turn off the gadgets

To some it may sound obvious but air conditioning uses a big chunk of fuel, especially on a long journey or if the car isn’t going too fast. For cars without air conditioning putting the heater to a lower temperature can work wonders. Also make sure some of the other appliances you may have are monitored – the heated seats, heated windscreens and so on.

Keep the car healthy

Keeping the car well maintained can be a costly endeavour however; it can SAVE money by doing this as a well maintained car performs better and therefore can use a lot less fuel than a car that has not had much attention. Some things to keep an eye on –

  • Regular oil changes
  • Tyres have good amount of pressure and treads are still fine.
  • All fluids are kept fine and no leaks (engine coolant, gearbox fluid, brake fluid)

Slow down

Another obvious point is to watch your speed! Although you would get a lot of attention on the motorway going anything less than 60mph (maybe even 70mph!) it does affect the fuel usage quite a bit. If you normally go over 70mph on a motorway with regular use try going for a week sticking to 70mph and see the difference.


If you have a clean car it will become more aerodynamic – it probably wouldn’t add much to the mpg but it all adds up!

 If you are to make all of these changes then surely you would notice a big difference in both your fuel consumption and in your pocket. The savings would be throughout the year but in winter when there’s more traffic and cars have to struggle more to get warm you will see it a lot more during this time.

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