Totally Wicked Tornado-T Electronic Cigarette Review


Electronic Cigarette Home Page

The Tornado Tank is a revolutionary electronic cigarette, which changed the face of vaping overnight.

Traditional electronic cigarettes had a cartridge and atomizer system which, whilst functional, did not replicate accurately enough the sensation of smoking for many users. – From Totally Wicked’s Website 

The Review 

I have finally moved on from the Ego-C after using it for quite some time. However, it’s Christmas and thought about getting a new one. I have recently started a new job and there is a Totally Wicked shop just around the corner so I was able to see it first hand before making the purchase. The first thing I liked about it was how sleek it looked compared to some of the others I have used.

This is the most modern Electronic Cigarette I have used and it has done away with wicks and instead it just looks like an empty chamber and a space to put the liquid in. There is no hassle putting it together, cleaning it and refilling – which is something I really appreciate.

The amount of vapour it produces is also remarkably more than the Ego-C, Eon Smoke, Nicolites and VPRO. The taste however is not much different.

It is a smaller sized battery than what I’m used to but has not let me down once yet, however I am able to charge it at my desk at work so it hasn’t really been “tested” yet.

The box it came with also had loads of spares and a free 18mg tobacco flavour liquid (which I changed to Cherry) which was a nice bonus as my previous electronic cigarettes didn’t really come with any decent packaging, I was quite impressed with this.

Something I’ve noticed so far is that it takes just a little bit more inhaling to get going as it is a small hole that it comes out of, where the “exit” was much bigger in other models- this has resulted in a slightly sore throat after a long period of using it such as a traffic jam.


Although it looks much better than the others I’ve used the end result is the same. I press a button and vapour comes out. However, it is much easier to clean, put liquid in and to take care of which are valuable attributes to have. I am happy with the Tornado-T and will continue to use it and see how it goes but it has become my e-cig of choice.


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