Should he stay or should he go? (for a high price) : Luis Suarez signs a new contact


Luis Suarez has signed a new contract with a bumper pay rise and an extension. But will he still go? I think that question will be answered towards April or so. He wants Champions League football, he is a Champions League quality player so in all fairness it’s fair that he would want out of an underperforming team that he is single handedly getting wins for.

But, and there was always going to be a but, will he stay at the end of the season? He may have extended his contract and therefore would cost more to purchase but Real Madrid as an example still have the money for him. £100,000,000 is not an improbable considering Bale was £85,000,000.

However, if we reach the Champions League, or better yet win a trophy, will he stay? My heart says yes, but my mind says no. He has already stated his dreams and intentions and if we fail to get Europe, I wouldn’t blame him for leaving – even after all the past incidents the way he’s going this season and if it continues he won’t owe us anything.



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