Comprehensive guide on adding local business schema to your website


How to add your business information to your website and using schema

Following on from my previous post on breadcrumb  schema this time it is local business/organization information and highlighting them using schema. This uses the same exact principals so if you’ve done the breadcrumb guide then this will be no problem.

Local business/organization schema helps crawlers identify your business information and can help with local seo and beyond. Let’s take a look at the code.

Adding the code

The code nestles in the HTML. Generally, websites should have business information in the header or the footer. Like so:

Address in footer seo

The schema code nestles in here in various stages. Below I will walk through how it is done precisely.

Local Business Schema 1

Above shows the opening division class and that the following information is about an organization. Followed by the code showing what the company name is.

Local Business Schema 2

The next section gives the property of a logo, the url of the logo and the alt description for the logo.

Local Business Schema 3

Next up is the beginning of the address. It is still included in the master section (itemtype) of “Organization” but now gets a subset (itemprop) of “postalddress” followed by the first line of address.

Local Business Schema 4

This continues to show the 2nd and 3rd line of address followed by the postcode.

Local Business Schema 5

Lastly comes the telephone, email and web url schema.

Once this is done make sure to close the < div > you have used.


To close, the local business schema can help crawlers find information about your business, its address and contact details. This code can occasionally trigger rich snippets which can help the visitor get in touch faster.


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