Comprehensive guide to review schema

How to add reviews to search engine results page

This is the third article following the local business and breadcrumb schema guides and covers how to add reviews schema code into the website and to get stars to display in SERPs. We all know the “stars” can appear in your AdWords campaigns but with schema you can get the same stars in organic search which can help immensely with your click through rate (CTR).

Organic Search SERPS

To get these review stars to come up for whatever reason first of all you need to dedicate a space on your site to the review, whether it be for the product or the company. In this example WhatCar have done the following –

WhatCar stars

Hidden behind this section much like the breadcrumbs and local business is some hidden schema code.

Adding review schema to the site

Before adding the next code, make sure to attach it first to a previous div itemscope itemtype such as PRODUCT or LOCALBUSINESS. This will then allow the crawlers to know who or what these reviews belong to. With that set, let’s continue.

Review Schema 1

This division states that the following content is about reviews “AggregateRating”. The title indicates the content of the review section (it can be an image or text. This would be something along the lines of “We have been rated 4.5/5 on Review Site”.

Review Schema 2

This piece of code is the meat of the whole thing. The “Word-rating” highlights the actual wording of the score in the section. The “average” and “ratingValue” indicate the actual score with the “bestRating” highlighting the maximum mark. This bit of code indicates that the company has been rated 4.5/5.

Review Schema 3

This last section highlights how many reviews the company has recieved “666” “reviewCount” and lastly a link to the place where the reviews are stored. The / divs then close the review section off.


By adding this simple piece of code to a website search engines may show stars in your SERPs for those pages which have the code greatly increasing your CTR.


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