Liverpool’s christmas schedule – defining moment


Premier League
Liverpool v Cardiff Sat 21 Dec
Man City v Liverpool Thu 26 Dec
Chelsea v Liverpool Sun 29 Dec

These are the games that we have got ahead of us before 2014, two away games to title chasing teams. Tough isn’t the word, so you can see why it’s such a defining moment for us. Win all three and we would more than likely end 2013 at the top and then I would start think that maybe, just maybe we can win the league!


We have shown some weakness from time to time. We were rounded by Southampton and thrashed by Hull when they attacked us and didn’t let us get into our flow which has seen us batter teams, namely Norwich and recently Spurs (Sorry AVB!). We won’t have Sturridge for these games so we are heavily relying on Suarez. At the moment he is flying and carried us a bit, but if he was to have an off game then I worry about what could happen. Hendo, Coutinho and Flan have been very good so far but they don’t look quite ready to dictate the game like Suarez can do.

What I am hoping for as a good run would be beat Cardiff, draw city and draw Chelsea. That to me would be a cracking bunch of results. If we end up having a bad run with these 3 then we will have a right good scrap on our hands for that 4th spot.

Nervy times ahead


Red Mist

Sturridge scores a late equaliser.
Sturridge scores a late equaliser.

I suffered quite a bit of red mist during the 3-3 thriller at Goodison Park; not just about the result but about other things that happened during that game, quite a headline grabber.

First off, it was a spectacularly entertaining game and definitely one for the neutrals, tackles flying in, goal mouth scrambles and cracking saves – a great advert from the premier league. But for me it was all tainted by two people: Kevin Mirallas and Joe Allen.

How Kevin Mirallas stayed on the pitch was beyond me, the ref had the best view and yet it was still a yellow. Luis Suarez was lucky to be able to carry on. However, whether the result would have changed with a red card is debatable.

The second, Joe Allen. All I can say is that I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t play for a long time.

It was good to see Suarez and Sturridge get a goal each and keep the scoring momentum going, it was also another day where Lukaku has shown what a monster he is with his power, pace and finishing. Roberto Martinez demonstrated his vision of how he can get Everton playing which is far more entertaining than Moyes ever did.

It leaves Liverpool still second in the league and looking good, a draw was a fair result but it has given our near rivals a chance to gain some points which Arsenal, City and Chelsea have all done at time of writing.


The Gerrard leading with the elbow thing was dubious but it wasn’t comparable to the Mirallas tackle, so don’t bother.

4 Games 10 Points and top of the league! Are we title contenders?

Daniel Sturridge and Brendan Rodgers win Player and Manager of the Month for August
Daniel Sturridge and Brendan Rodgers win Player and Manager of the Month for August

A lot of people, mostly non-LFC fans have started jumping the gun a bit with Liverpool’s brilliant start to the Premier League campaign, as highlighted by Pro-Man United tabloid the daily mail in their recent article on the subject. Read that here.

Looking back at the performance there were quite a few instances we were quite lucky to come away with a win, namely the Aston Villa game and the United game, the recent draw against Swansea was a nail biter as well; at first looking like a win, then a draw and finally lucky to not lose. So I feel like I’m being realistic here, we have got the points and we are top of the league but it hasn’t been too convincing, really.

4 games is nowhere near enough to make a judgement, we have only played on of the “top clubs” so far so it’s impossible to say.

However, the signs are still there – we have won games being sub par, we have had a draw when perhaps we should have lost and we do have Luis Suarez to come back which is massive and almost like a new signing he has been missing for so long.

The other teams around us have had a slightly poorer start to us but for me have a better squad all round Chelsea, City and Spurs to be more precise (I am not convinced United will get a top 4, and that’s my honest opinion) – and I think their depth will stand the test as the season progresses. Although I am very happy with Liverpool’s starting 11 I do worry a bit about the quality on the bench: it’s decent but it’s not a top 4 bench, and definitely not a title-winning bench.

So, just to reiterate – I am over the moon with the start Liverpool have made but I am very skeptical about a title challenge this year. I believe we are maybe 1 or 2 seasons away from that. However, I am expecting a serious top 4 challenge and expect us to make that from what I’ve seen, but you can never quite tell in the Premier League.



2 games, 2 clean sheets and 6 points. Liverpool off to a good start

Sturridge celebreates his goal

After two 1-0 wins in the league against Stoke at home and Aston Villa away we now sit 2nd in the league with 6 points and no goals conceded, any team would be over the moon if they were offered that at the start of the season.

We’ve been playing well so far and a lot of the new players have settled in well particularly Kolo Toure and the penalty saving hero Simon Mignolet. Jamie Carragher had big shoes to fill and most of the fans have said Kolo has done that and more, so far. As for Mignolet…no one has scored against him yet and he gained us 2 points alone by saving Walters penalty.

Coutinho and Sturridge have so far picked up where they left off last season and are gelling well, I’m also happy with how Aspas has been playing and has been unlucky not to score yet.

Watching the team so far I am happy, but there’s still work to do, we have already demonstrated that we can win games when below par (Villa) and winning games when playing well (Stoke) – these were 2 areas where we suffered quite often last season.

The next game is out first against a title contending team and this will show if we can stand up to them – we won’t get top 4 if we can’t get points against top teams at home. I am lucky enough to have tickets to this game involving an ex-Everton manager managing a United side. How lucky am I?

But for now, the signs are good and definitely better than I thought it would be, if Suarez still has focus after his transfer saga then we have a real force on our hands this season.



Luis Suarez saga and Arsenal, is it the ultimate betrayal? (Video + Poll)


Not posted anything for a while and thought now is a as good time as ever.

As the title suggests, yes. It is. After all Liverpool have done for Suarez it is a major insult for his wantaway attitude. Suarez has always moaned about the british press and wants to get away, fine, that makes sense; when he was linked with Real Madrid most people thought that made perfect sense. Being South American he would fit in Spain and adapt quickly and get his Champion’s League desire, but going to Arsenal would hardly get him away from the British Press.

If it was Real Madrid bidding £40,000,001 I wouldn’t have been too pissed off and I would accept it if i was manager, but not a domestic rival team.

Sure, Arsenal have a better chance at the CL, but look at the signings we’ve made this season and touch wood we will get Costa as well, now that is a proper top-4 challenging side.

This new Suarez saga has really pissed me off, I can’t believe he is trying to get away to rival team after everything we’ve done for him and his antics. Take a look at previous posts about them!

I’m fairly confident he will be playing for us next season as we push for fourth spot, however Suarez, I believe, will be gone summer after that, if not even the winter transfer window.

Ronnie, YNWA

Letting us down…again. Can Liverpool keep defending Suarez?


In short, no. For me, Luis Suarez latest incident is one too many and has yet again put the club in an impossible situation, how can you possible explain any type of innocence in this? It was a clear moment of madness, but most will kick out, mouth off or a cynical foul but to bite someone…never. And he’s done it before, which really makes us look silly. We took a gamble on this magically skilled player, but the club has to come first always.

Kenny Dalglish famously defended him and possibly lost his job due to this, Liverpool’s image to other clubs and fans took a beating and we still defended him, there has to be a point where we have to accept that Suarez is very damaging to the club and outweighs how good he is, sadly.

It is an utterly shocking event that will probably cost him the rest of the season, the player of the year award, the faith the fans have in him and possibly his place in the squad. He deserves whatever punishment comes his way, how he will respond to it I don’t know, but can we ever trust him to behave when this has happened more than once? I don’t know.



Don’t panic! Reading 0 – Liverpool 0



Yes it was a poor result, bit of a drag to watch a second 0-0 in a row and put us even further from Europe but there’s no reason to go mad and start drawing up your Brendan out banners.


If you read my previous blog about not having a plan B then this article won’t be anything new revelation for you. It happened again and that was it.


Their keeper played a blinder and we were out of imagination up front again, and were unable to stop and think “this isn’t working, lets try something else”.


But there’s no reason to panic, transition phase and all that but you can see the progress we’re making and progress we’re trying to make, and definitely in better shape than what we were.


We just need to start becoming more consistent both with our starting line-ups and tactics. We’ve made a lot of signings and they are both finding their feet personally and with the players around them, they’ll become good in time, I know it.


It would also help if the players try different approaches to suit brick walls like West Ham and Reading, maybe that’s Rodgers job or maybe it’s the team or possibly the captain. Either way, we need more someone to be able to take the game by the scruff of the neck.


To conclude, let’s not panic. Things could be better (and worse) but they’re all fine.